1 semester down, 4 to go!

  1. I'm an ADN student in a small town in NC. All I've ever heard about the program is how hard it is and how you have to practically give up your "normal life" and live for nursing school. Well, I've found that to be somewhat true, but I've done well and next week the semester will be over--HOORAY. I'm so looking forward to X-mas break. I hear the second semester is harder than the first and that it is known as the "weeding out" semester. Any truth to that? Also, looking for an e-mail buddy, maybe another ADN student who will graduate in 5/2001???

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  3. by   KR
    Hello I am not sure if I would call the second semester weeding out, but I know in my program every semester gets progressively harder. This seems to be true in other programs that I know of as well. But I bring good news. You will survive I am almost done with semester 3 out of 4 with a graduation date of 4-30-00. There were times I wasn't sure if that date would ever come or if I would make it. But now I know that I will make it. I believe that half the battle it telling yourself, yes you will make it. Best of luck to ya!
    Kim Rush