"Down Day"

  1. I just wrote Dawn, but thought that my weekly schedule might help some other students.

    When I was in LPN school, we had exams literally every day! It was intense and exhaustive. About half way through I realized that I had to do something to mainain my sanity.

    I decided to take one "down day" per week. It was usually Saturday. I didn't open a book or even think about school. It was really hard at first because I had the frame of mind that if I didn't study I'd forget something.

    After about four weeks I discovered that my "down day" was actually helping. I was retaining more of what was being taught and my grades were improving.

    I am now in an intensive BSN program and instituted my "down day" rule from day one and am doing very well.

    I hope this helps some other students...try it...you'll be surprised!!!

    Good luck to all!!
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