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  1. Help!
    I am trying to find a form to use when giving shift reports. We used to record our reports and the recorder broke We have been giving verbal reports now for a month.
    It takes over 30 minutes and sometimes up to an hour to get report. I think a written simple report form to be given to the oncoming shift would be so much faster. Ideas PLEASE......
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  3. by   BethanyJ
    Miss RNC,
    We have a very simplex sheets to use for our reports. They are 4 columned: the first box to fill in room number, name, and diagnosis. The next 3 are left empty for the 3 shifts to fill in any pertinent info from their shift. I carry mine on my clipboard with me and write down abnorm labs, abnorm assessments, PRN meds, new orders, tests, xrays performed, where we stand in pt. teaching, etc. The disadvantage is that we have to use 3 sheets of paper just for the 29 patients on my unit. THe advantage is that you have written info from all shifts in front of you and follow ups are less likely not to be overlooked. Another thing I find useful is that at the end of the 24 hours, these report sheets are placed in a 3 ring binder at the desk for a number of days...so if you've been off for awhile, you can glance back and get a quick idea of what's been going on with your patients while you were off.