Would you recommend Lippincott's reviewer for NCLEX-RN?

  1. Hi everyone :-)

    Happy Tuesday! Just got Lippincott's Review for NCLEX-RN, and goodness gracious it has 5,000 questions! For those of you who used this book for the exam, did you finish most/all the questions in the book first then moved to the cd-rom? After this, I got to do Kaplan's...can't wait

    Have a great day and thanks for the feedback

    P.S. I read VickyRN's post about Mary here that made me realize how grateful should we be for the people we have in our lives and for the gift of life itself. Take time to list 50 things that you are GRATEFUL FOR. Just list anything or anyone that comes to your mind. Then, keep it where you can just pull it out when you're feeling stressed or worried, or simply want to remind yourself how blessed you are.
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  3. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    It is a wonderful book, I have started looking over it since I will be starting RN classes soon.