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Today was, quite honostly, the worst day I've ever had. Not because of management or the usual bull. A local factory exploded. It was a mass casualty incident. I've seen and smelled things today... Read More

  1. by   angelbear
    I am so sorry. Also praying for all concerned.
  2. by   future_guru
    Sending prayers your way, for you and all those affected by this.
  3. by   semstr
    Wow, terrible! Do you have the possibility to debrief? Please take that change! Even though it is hard to talk, try to. Don't get drunk, alcohol doesn't solve this problem one bit!
    Thinking of you and sending the good vibes across the ocean.
    PS: you can pm too. I was working in the ER 19 years ago, as the biggest terrorist attack was made here on the airport in Vienna.
    So I can feel with you!
  4. by   nursemouse
    Thinking of you and your sister at this time. The community is blessed to have people like you there.
  5. by   eltrip
    Praying for you & the other victims. Take care of yourself, especially now.
  6. by   mattsmom81
    God bless you, the victims and families of this terrible disaster. You are all in my prayers (((HUGS)))
  7. by   -jt
    <I've seen and smelled things today no one should ever have to.>

    Being in NYC & working at a hospital 3 miles from the WTC, I know exactly what you mean. After Sept 11, our city & local hospitals all had grief counseling nurses, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists available for anyone who just needed to talk. That odor lingered for months. A lot of people who witnessed the mass murder here ended up with a wide range of PTSD symptoms. Take advantage of the counseling services your hospital will offer....and if they dont offer them, tell them people need it & ask them to.
  8. by   NurseShell
    I sent the info out on both prayer chains that I belong to...prayers are being said!

    Also, I need to say this...why is it that a "night club" fire gets front page, but a factory explosion is hardly reported??? What is that saying? BOTH are tragic horrible occurances! But, what makes one front page and the other not?? Sometimes I really wonder about the media in this country it's almost like they look at the briefs and say "nope, not gross/sad/deadly enough to pull ratings"...makes me SO ANGRY!!
  9. by   OC_An Khe
    Mass casulties are never any good.
    As usual -jt and nurseKaren added useful advice. The only thing I can add is that you and others were there to prevent further loss and suffering. Think of the good work you and others did that day.
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  10. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Also sending my prayers for you, your sister and all the hospital workers, as well as those injured in the fire and their loved ones. Words can't describe such horror and pain. Try to take advantage of any counseling sessions the hospital offers. They will help.

    God Bless. (Psalm 53)