Working Part Time as a Nurse

  1. hello everyone i have a question in the future i would like to continue studying after i have my bs, but if i want to continue studying, lets say to get my masters can nurses work part time and how is part time, how many days would a nurse work if they were part time? does the hospital work around the school schedule? and do they you help pay for school?
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  3. by   catlady
    How many hours part-time would be is usually up to you. Most hospitals will be relatively considerate of your school schedule, within reason (i.e., nothing grossly unfair to the other nurses). You have to check with each individual employer about their tuition plans.
  4. by   ukbsktbll
    I know of a few here in TN that will help pay for your education if you are going for a health degree. Around 1500 for PT and 3000 for FT. Though you have to sign a contract so your stuck there for many months after you graduate depending on how much they gave you.
  5. by   rpv_rn
    your work schedule will be dependent on your school schedule.
    i worked full time while in the msn program. i took 2-3 classes / semester. my schedule was manageable for family, work and school.
    good luck!
  6. by   angelina02_21
    thx everyone for helping me out i was just scared that working and studying would be too much =)
  7. by   NHavenRN
    Its not easy, but I'm currently working 24hrs/wk (2 12s) and going to school full time, with two days of classes and two days of clinicals. I can't begin to imagine working any more than that and staying sane - I'm barely sane as it is!
  8. by   Tweety
    I'm working 3 12-hour shifts and going to school part-time. I will continue to do this if I continue on to my Masters. Our manager works around my school schedule without question.

    I would think if you needed to work part-time that would be no problem. It's a matter of what you want to do. Good luck.