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  1. Just to give everyone an idea of how neurotic I am, I was on vacation this past weekend,and thought seriously about logging in 1) because I am addicted to this site and 2) because I like to worry about things that wont even happen for two years (and thats under the best of circumstances)

    Anyway this question,as the title implies is about working for an agency. Obviously as a future new grad I will take whatever job I can get,but since I have decided to be an LPN I feel like I will be relegated to a nursing home. I would work there if I had to,but I wanted to explore my options.

    I guess I'm wondering from anyone currently in or who has ever worked agency about their experiences..good,bad and otherwise. Also,do they give you benefits? and lastly if I wanted to focus more on another area of nursing ( i.e. pedi or med-surg)would skills I obtain in that setting be of help? Or could I not mention them on a resume? Will they even send me anywhere but a nursing home? I guess I'm just exploring my options.
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