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Ok this is not a cut down in any way, shape or form on the site. I think Brian has done an excellent job with it, and I like it alot. This is just a curiousity question? I have a few reasons, but... Read More

  1. by   CEN35
    Originally posted by hollykate:
    <STRONG>OK, I once again get sucked in to this one!! I actually try to limit my computer time and spend time outside where the sun shines this time of year- so those of you in the triangle area (Raleigh,Durham, Chapel Hill) We should get together and go out and have a meal at Michael Dean's The rest get to be jealous.
    Why do I come here: I found this board while panicking about my NCLEX results. Been a great support for me as I have done a lot of changes in nursing. Plus, I just LOVE to talk... lets see what else. - perhaps some day I'll get a date as well (ha ha!!) Love your posts Rick, but I am a little concerned about your self esteem- since I can now coach people (see the other get to know you post), drop me an email and we can fix the "this is a dumb post" thing forever!! </STRONG>
    Ohhhhhhh HollyKate....it's not a self esteem thing. I have seen people in here come up with a new thread, or discussion only to get blasted by others about how stupid or arrogant it is. So needelss to say, I post sometimes expecting to catch hell form someone who thinks it's a stupid thread. Rather than be positive, I try to stay neutral to see what the outcome is and keep false hopes from rising.

    Hollykate check you profile out!

  2. by   scope
    I have just found this site, I am from Sydney australia, and we have nothing like this, a great and informative site, great to get around and read what you are all thinking
  3. by   Ellen in Ont
    I found this site by accident while doing research on types of charting! I have become addicted and check it at least once a day! It is amasing how much alike our issues are world wide. When isolated, you begin to believe that your hospital is the only one where things like manditory overtime, etc. happen. It is wonderful to know we are not alone and there are millions of us world wide fighting the same fight for the same cause (improved patient care and job satisfaction). I also love the humour. Nurses have a very different sense of humour and you can't tell the "funny" things that happen at work to just anyone (especially at mealtime)! I don't like the fighting. Debating a viewpoint enlightens both sides but fighting closes the door to listening. I have learned to just avoid those threads. I also have never joined a chat room until this one, for the reasons stated by Rick. But I am enjoying this one (when I get a chance to go on - the weather has been too nice lately and my garden needs work).
  4. by   HotSpam
    I come here because I like to think about things and work out problems. It is interesting for me because I have been out of the Hospital for a while and it is nice to stay up on the situation you all are facing.

    It reinforces my personal decision to leave the hospital, but also reminds me how much harder those working in the hospitals have it.

  5. by   AnneD
    You mean this a REAL nursing BB? I thought this nurses in leather bondage BB. I come here daily for the same reason every one else does...theraphy and court ordered community service. NO one understands you better than another nurse.
  6. by   Hum'nbird
    Hi Rick, newborn poster here to this site, but like it so far. Haven't had my head bashed in yet, so this is a good thing, s'ppose? This BB is kinda like a board game, the icons, the topics and sections are so diversified, and I can quit anytime I want, ha. I have a couple of questions.

    1. How do I quote someone on my response? I see the Instant UBB code, but don't know how to use it?

    2. Whenever I access the chat room I see all this computer jargon. I go into at different times of the day but nobody's ever there, am I doing something wrong or is it called bad timing?

    Wait.......I just noticed "What is UBB code". I'll check it out.....neeeeevermind!
  7. by   labornurse
    I like to come here and read the discussions and opinons of nurses from across the country. Where I work, if you express disatisfcation about any thing and they can trace it back to you, you're fired. This is about the only place I can come to vent and listen to others vent. It's a very good site.
  8. by   NurseNelly
    I love to whine. It makes me feel better. I like to read other whinees, to some extent, some of it gets old. What will never get old is trying to figure out how to take care of our elderly in an compassionate, loving, efficient, non painless, non depressing, entertaining way. After all, it's how I would want to spend my last days. People need to understand that most nursing homes (the ones i've seen and my friends tell me about) are very, very, lacking. Let's put it this way. Anyone out there, work in the perfect, best, wonderful nursing home that I can sign my name up to? I will put my or my loved ones name on the list.
  9. by   waggy-2
    Hi I like coming to this site because of the variety of topics that are discussed. I mostly like humorous stuff. But I find quite a bit of the stuff on this site interesting and informative. Have a good one. SPW
  10. by   Goofball
    Most nursing talk makes my sons vomit; my husband gives me 'that look' (you know, the kind that burns a hole thru you) as he has warned me many times he can't tolerate hearing anything about my work. My sis and I can talk some, but she mostly worked in O.R. forever; so I still need an occasional outlet to talk gross and share stories, vent, laugh about things 'normal' people consider morbid. Sometimes you can't even talk about these things in the way we do on this site, with many of your own co-workers!
  11. by   CEN35
    Thanks goof
  12. by   CashewLPN
    hi guys!
    I guess I havent been around as much as I used to... Been sleeping too much I spose....
    oh-- why I come to this site,, ok....
    well... I am a computer junkie.... haha
    also, I like talking/writing to people who know whats goin on in our current state of work...
    Most of my buds are still finishing their 1st degrees, and very few of them are nurses...
    SO.... I guess.... I come here to vent, read up on whats doing,
    say HIDY HO! to everyone every now and then...

    oh=== Rick, Susy-- I havent seen/heard from yous in ages... whassup?
  13. by   aimeee
    I'm here for pretty much the same reasons everybody else has stated. There are so many tidbits of info to pick up and interesting to see so many different opinions.

    I like discussion but I don't like to see people getting blasted for saying things that others disagree with. As adults in a caring profession we should be able to extend the same compassion to each other that we do to our patients and disagree in a way that shows respect to our fellow professionals.

    I don't get much chance to talk about work--hubby doesn't want to hear about it and there is never any time to talk to my co-workers.