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I've been reading the boards for a few days now, and enjoy it very much..My one thing that I cannot get passed is this. The Facility my mom was in/died..has spent millions on making it pretty (trauma... Read More

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    To EKG1: No, in my mind the government doesn't really think about the possibility of being 'in a patient's situation'. Like death and taxes, however, thats a reality that very few of us are lucky enough to 'escape'. Health care professionals welcome the PATIENT comments that go DIRECTLY to legislators, CEO's, media, executive directors, etc. I think its easy for legislators to dismiss the cry from nurses themselves as "consider the source" material. When citizens begin to effect the bottom line ( w/ their votes, letters, calls, etc.), I believe we will see change and I'd like to see nursing poised and ready to be the proactive force that we're equipped to be. Am truly sorry for the experiences that you're having, but I'm very glad you feel that you can share them w/ those whom some may consider the poster children of health care ills, and am feeling very positive that what we need for change is more input similar to yours. Also check out
    as an additional website.

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    Originally posted by sasan555:
    At Harvard we were recently introduced to a new health site which was determined as the most comprehensive on the net.Its best features are breaking medical news,multispeciality - multilingual articles and a 20 million citation health literature search databases.
    Here is a link at Yahoo where you can read more if interested. http://search.news.yahoo.com/search/...OBALHEALTH2000
    The site is http://www.Globalhealth2000.com

    Harvard Medical School

    THANK YOU ALL for the information that you are giving me. Got me going now for sure. I was curious, was thinking about getting a PO Box # and putting in a small ad in paper asking for input on patient care at facillities. You think I'd get feedback? Hummm , would be nice. I will make sure all is kept confidential for sure. My own Doc told me, this happens more than I think, but I would be the first to open my mouth. I'm going to have to become a Erin Brokovich or Norma Rae I guess. LOL Wish me luck on this journey, for I think it's time for we the public to get more involved. Now just curious, why hasnt the hospital sent me a bill yet for mom? been 7mths.. I think the CEO knew I was pissed. Tough luck, I dare them to send me a Bill. hugs, and thanks all, Carla