Who can help me?

  1. I am serious!!

    I really need help.

    I was being a nurse in my home country. now I left this profession. Now I want to become a nurse in Australia and want to apply some course first which can help me to reture. My license has been overdue for a long time in my home country. Can I apply directly to the Australia Nursing Board to assess my qualification?

    Is there any nurses in Australia? Can you give me some informaiton for my future?

    Thansk a lot!

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  3. by   sjoe
    If you can change the name of this thread, you are more likely to get useful responses if you entitle it something like: Can an Aussie nurse give me some info?
  4. by   chinaway
    Thanks, sjoe, I have changed.
  5. by   Eric
    Check out this website:

    I think they can help you find all the information you need.