When your nursing career isn't going welll

  1. I am an RN with a problem. 2 years ago, I was reassigned to a unit I had previously transferred from upon my own personal request by management at my hospital. The nurse manager on the unit promised me a position with better hours if I stayed. I made a big mistake accepting that offer. I found myself in a place where I was and still am miserable. Many of the people work with are very unfriendly. Worst of all, that particular manager was downsized and is now gone. My working conditions are dangerous due to understaffing. I feel like my license is on the line everyday. I feel ill with stomach problems and constant headaches. I'm stressed out everyday. My call ins for sick leave have gone way up. My current boss seems unaffair towards me.
    I asked for my annual two week vacation using accrued leave 8 momths in advance, it was denied. 3 times I put in for a transfer, she lost the paperwork each time. Then after that, she decided to use my leave record against me. Mostly I'm just burned out and stressed.

    After 9 years at this facility, I can't get a reccommendation from my current manager for another job or even a transfer. My record is clean except for my sick leave. I left this hospital amicably, a few years back and was welcomed back there when I decided to return. I am trying to reduce call ins by finding ways to deal with the strees. I will need to move to another state soon and feel trapped in a bad job with a boss who seems biased against me. What can I do ?
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  3. by   rninformatics
    Sorry it is not going well for you.
    You said you would be moving to a new
    state soon. Get going on networking and
    looking for a position in that new state,
    remember you can use co-workers and other
    nursing professionals you know for referrances and legally the only thing
    your former employer can report is the
    title and dates of employment. Dont think
    that even if your present boss gives a bad
    recomendation you will not find another position. I am sure she knows the laws
    and will probably give no response as apposed to a bad one. Start thinking about that great position you will find in the new state, new opportunities, new and better co-workers and colleagues.
  4. by   LAS
    It is really to hear stories like this, where nurses abuse and hurt each other. We as nurses need to stand together and support each other. The work that we do is hard enough without creating unneccesary turmoil. If we want to taken seriously as a profession then we need to act like professionals. I wish you all the best in your endeavors of a new job. I hope that you find yourself in a nurturing environment with nurses who will be supportative.