what is "chandelier sign"?

  1. In my textbook in the section about use of stethoscope for auscultation the advice is to warm the endpiece to avoid the chandelier sign - but when I search for "chandelier sign" all I find is "cervical motion tenderness" or a patient's intense response to pain by reaching up towards the ceiling, or, as one source said, near levitation from to bed to the ceiling because of PID.
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  3. by   gwenith
    I think it is the last - patient levitates to cieling due to cold end piece unexpectedly contacting warm part of body.
  4. by   jeepgirl
    towards the chandelier! I've heard it referring to PID.
    and yes, they do sometimes go pretty high!! its pretty painful.
  5. by   debblynn13
    I did a search on chandeliar sign and found an article on PID/STD.


    On the bimanual pelvic exam (a part of a woman's physical examination where two hands are used to feel the anatomy of the pelvis), the doctor may find pain when examining the cervix (known as cervical motion tenderness or the "chandelier sign").