What is a good gift to give CNA's?

  1. I just started at a LTC, after my first week I gave all the people that really helped me along a little gift (chocolates) in appreciation. What is a good give to give to your fellow workers just in appreciation of being helpful, supportive etc. Under $5.00 each would be good also. Thanks for your input in advance.
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  3. by   leeae85
    Maybe you can find a store with cute trinkets and stuff and get them nice keychains that say "#1 Nurse" or something related like that, and chocolate is always great!
  4. by   jetscreamer101
    I love the dollar tree stores. Sometimes you can find cute things. One year I gave my CNA's porcalin trinket eggs that opened on a hinge. Another time I gave them manicure sets from there also. I've also purchase pins and tote bags from positive promotions. I was just there (dollar tree) today and they had dome cute egg shaped trinket thins with docorative holes added flowers on top, looked kinda nice.
  5. by   vonxojn
    In the past I would buy luches for the CNA's that have really helped me out or have shown me that they are really here for the patients. It can be expensive at times but to show the appreciation was worth it.
  6. by   SCRN1
    How about a gift card to Blockbuster?
  7. by   SueNYC
    From time to time I give out gifts to all my staff because they are worth it. Lunches are always good, or sometimes I just bake for everyone. Recently, I just gave everyone on the floor a pocket sized bath and body works antibacterial lotion so by the end of the day our hands arent like that of a lizard. Yes its cheap as far as price but practical.
  8. by   mamason
    Hand lotion from bath and body works. Maybe a nice scent? They also make anitbacterial lotions. You can find most in trial sizes.
  9. by   ewattsjt
    Small gifts to coworkers are always great. It shows that them that you do recognize their efforts. It makes them feel special. Keychain, lunch, and things like that are fine. I work in surgery and sometimes buy everyone working a soda just to say thanks. They appreciate it.
  10. by   tiggertoo
    Thanks for the suggestions, I was thinking along the gift card route, as about one half of the CNA's are male. Keep the suggestions comming however.
  11. by   gitterbug
    small keychain flashlights are the bomb.
  12. by   clee1
    A HEALTHY pay raise?

    A good CNA is literally worth his/her weight in gold.