What do we want? A Union,..... When do we need it? NOW

  1. I realize this is quite an undertaking but I am interested in possibly getting the wheel rolling at our facility? An tips, hints, feedback GREATLY APPRECiaTED!

    Elizabeth Marshall
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  3. by   campsnow
    I recently led our Registered Nurses in the formation of a professional union at our Hospital. I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Hang in there!

  4. by   burn nurse
    I am currently a member of DCNA, in Washington, DC. I believe in unionization. There is definately strength in numbers. The challenge, however, is remaining united to achieve a common goal. We, by the way, are currently on strike over working conditions, i.e., manditory overtime, staffing, RN participation on patient care committees, & a reasonable weekend incentive program. Addressing such issues individually would be mission impossible. 1300 united RNs withholding services, w/ 67 crossing the line, packs a serious punch to hospital management. I'd like to encourage you to GO UNION!!