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I recently had my taxes done by H&R Block, but after talking with some other travelers at work, i have come to realize they may have missed several key deductions. What exactly are the deductions I... Read More

  1. by   dmarcelal

    do you know if these deductions can still be claimed if my assignment was extended in the same city for 10 months. i was in san diego almost all of last year and hrblock told i could claim any travel deductions becuase san diego became my home base. i did go back to nyc once during the year.
  2. by   bagladyrn
    Travel Tax is an excellent resource for tax information and setting you straight on what really is and isn't IRS code for tax deductions. Check out his website!
    For instance - housing is only tax free IF you have a qualifying tax home - which is NOT the same as a permanent residence (and definitely not the same as receiving your mail at a relative's house). No matter what some recruiter tells you.
    There is no "50 mile rule" or any set distance for travelers with the IRS. Some agencies use this as a convenient "rule of thumb" because of an IRS ruling applying only to legislators who work in the state capitals and have homes elsewhere, but THERE IS NO 50 MILE LAW! (I've heard this from way too many people in too many positions.
    The whole basis for reimbursement is that you must be working far enough away from home that you would need to sleep after work before returning home. It is meant to mitigate the expenses you duplicate in staying away from home - so you must be paying substantial amounts (based on area) at home as well as having other significant ties to the home to qualify it as a tax home.
    This is just basics. Please get in touch with a tax professional who specializes in travelers before taking any further action that could get you audited.