What are some good sites for ordering scrubs?

  1. Does anyone know of a good place for ordering scrubs online? I'm looking in particular for a site with a cargo-style scrub with lots of pockets. I really need a set for lots of accessories i carry with me; PDA, cheatnotes, tape, scissors, etc, etc!
    Also would appreciate any suggestions on sites that carry other nursing supplies (penlights, tape,etc).
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  3. by   HyperTension
    A-1 scrubs. Cheap, free shipping and I received in 3 days. Huge selection.
  4. by   Selke
    I love the cotton cargo pants this company sells: http://greenscrubs.com/
    They also come in a polyester blend. I love the black ones They also sell other items you might be interested in.
  5. by   ashley_michelle
    I've gotten some off of Allheart.com Pretty cheap and different brand names available. =)