what are charts?

  1. A chart is where we keep the information on the patient. It includes (at my hosptital)personal date, nursing notes, doctors orders, labratory date, medical imaging and radiological results, the patients progress notes, nursing history and physical exam, medical history and physical information, graphic sheets that have been completes, record of surgery and more I am sure. In other words if you have a question about the patient, look in the chart.
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  3. by   Nacoya
    I just wanted to add that the nurses notes included in the charting are also considered legal documentation. It is very important to be thorough, concise and to keep on top of your charting. This is not only for others to read but because you never know if they may be needed in court one day. I was always told "make sure you cover your butt."
  4. by   colleen10
    Hi guys and gals,

    I am not a nursing student yet, currently applying to schools. I wanted to know exactly what a chart is, what kinds of things you put on a chart, how often do you update charts on your shift, how long it takes to update a chart, etc.

    I am very interested in nursing as a career and after reading a lot of your messages it seems that most of you spend a good deal of your time doing this type of administrative work. Thought it would do me some good to really find out what they are since I will apparently be spending a good portion of my time doing them.