what about travel nursing?

  1. Have any of you tried this, or are you considering it? What are the perks or downfalls of it? Any ideas you have would be appreciated.

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  3. by   pixie
    I highly recommend travel nursing. I did it for a year (3 assignments) and the only reason I stopped was to obtain experience in a different specialty. I was able to take my husband with me and he loved it as well. We both gained invaluable experience in both our professions. I had good experiences with ClinicalOne (clinicalone.com) and American Mobile Nurses (americanmobile.com).
    You tell the recruiter where, when, how long and what type of facility(teaching, rural, etc.) They will always ask your permission to submit your file to a specific hospital and then you interview over the phone. If you don't like how the job sounds you are not obligated and you can let your recuiter know and they can deal with the hospital and tell them thanks but no thanks. If money is important then they can focus on assigments that have large bonuses. When I traveled in Florida, one of the hospitals in Miami had a $3000 completion bonus. Make sure you know all the fine print for getting that bonus though. The only negative I can think of is health insurance-if you are single no big deal because many of the companies provide that but with me being married it was a little costly. Now that I have experience in a different specialty, I am considering traveling again. You can't beat the opportunity to travel and work and really get to know the city your visiting. I was always received warmly by the nursing staff at the hospitals and I never got dumped on. (I traveled in the OR) I hope this helps and like I said before it was great fun and I highly recommend it.