Weighing Patients

  1. What is your standard in weighing patients on the ward or critical care areas. What diagnosis or treatment would require weights?
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  3. by   Nightingale*
    At our hospital, pts. who are "bed weights" are usually weighed by the 11-7 shift around 0600. If the pts can stand, then the 7-3 shift weighs them before breakfast. We do daily weights on the following types of pts.: All dialysis (renal & CAPD) pts.; and pts. with dx of dehydration, CHF
  4. by   Dana
    In our unit (ICCU), we weigh the pts. on the night shift. Most of them are bed weights. This isn't such a hassle anymore, because we've got beds with scales in them. The pts. that we weigh are pretty much anyone that is receiving diuretics. This winds up being almost everyone. Now getting the nurses to still do it to all the pts, that is the hard part.
  5. by   snickers
    On the unit where I work, we do automatic daily weights on all renal patients,hepatic patients, patients with C.H.F.,those on total parenteral nutrition, those on daily changing doses of p.o. diuretics, and I.V. diuretic. The patients are all weighed starting at o600 hrs.,whether they're bedscale,or ambulatory.