Want To Travel-need Good Co Referral

  1. My husband and I with our 3 1/2 year old want to do some travelling over the next year to decide where we want to live when we grow up. I have 16 years of critical care. level 1 trauma. I work in the Peds ICU, peds ward, NICU and the PACU. I have PALS, NRP, ACLS and TNCC certs. I want a good, reliable, well paying travel company who provides private housing, health benefits, 401K would be nice, etc. Does anyone have any referrals to good companies?? Or does anyone have any advice on which companies to steer clear of?? Thanks alot.
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  3. by   ASSEDO
    National Healthcare was great. Stayed in nice housing, paid on time. Called to check on me. Contact Lori-Press she will set you up!

    Go to Delphi travel nurse forum, to catch the latest hospitals to stay clear off. There are some agencies called the Evil Empire. The forum is free, just register and get the latest info.