VIRTUAL ATI? Has anyone completed this yet????

  1. I was wondering for those of you who did the Virtual ATI with the online mentor, I know after you have completed all the review questions, they give you a comprehensive predictor exam at the end to see if you are ready for the NCLEX or not....what version of the predictor exam do they give you? is it 3.0 version? bc in nursing school we took 2007A and 2007B and it wouldnt make much sense for them to give us the same test, so I was just wondering if the Virtual ATI gave 3.0 comprehensive predictor exam....thanx
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  3. by   LPNAwootwoot
    I did ATI and the predictor. It didnt help me on the NCLEX at all!!!! The predictor is a joke! as long as you get like 55% on it it will say that you have a 95% chance of passing the NCLEX
  4. by   dmansmith10
    Wow, your talking about the predictor for the Virtual ATI right? Do you know what version of the predictor you took? was it 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0?
  5. by   LPNAwootwoot
    yep Virtual ATI 3.0
  6. by   dmansmith10
    Thank you!