Venipuncture and IVs

  1. Hey all,

    Just me again doubting myself LOL. Anyway, today I had a patient who needed a CT (pancreatitis) and needed an IV. I am always sorta nervous but do it because the more I do, the better. I got it in fine and the catheter threaded fine but usually I get blood trying to drip out of the hub as I'm hooking up the tubing, didn't get that. Hooked it up and it drew blood fairly OK and flushed well and handled the CT well. Maybe it was up against a valve? Anyway, it sounds like it was a good one doesn't?
    Also, I drew blood on this same patient with a butterfly and was able to fill three tubes but I had to shift the needle a few times (not redirect, just move it slightly but stable in the vein) to get blood to flow readily. Is that because the needle might be up against the wall of the vein?
    Anyway, I just am hard on myself and no matter what I wonder if I did those OK.
    Thanks for listening.
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  3. by   sjoe
    1) did these sticks function properly for their intended use?
    2) did they cause any harm to the patient?
    3) did they become infected?

    If all these questions can be answered "ok," why worry about it?