Update, transfer request!

  1. I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!! I have now changed from the ortho floor 8 hours swing (which made it to where I was at the hospital ALL the darned time) to the general Med surge floor I wanted and got DAYS!!!!!!! OH thank you GOD! I can see my family again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah I have to get use to 12 hour shifts..but I have done 2 and no probelms yet..I actually just didn't look at the clock, and it worked! And I had more than enough time now to do what I need to do...makes a difference when you are use to doing 12 hours of work in 8 hours!

    And the nurses and docs on that floor are so excited to have me back (I worked for them agency..and when I applied they wanted me but had no openings!...One year later..I was voted in unanimously!). And even the floor I left..are so proud of me...and miss me! They even wrote a letter to the administration, and we have these awards you can write for people you think are doing an excellent job..and they go through admin and you get in a drawing for 50 bucks in prizes...well I got 4!!!!!!!!!!! Two from my manager!!!!!!!!

    I thought the transition would be bitter sweet....I really did help with moral on the floor I was working in (oh LORDIE did they need humor! They got it!). But no, they all wanted me to get the job so I could see my family...they knew that is what fueled me!

    This has been awesome...and well...if I can do this...everyone that has a sence of humor, likes their profession, wants to do well with pts and be themselves doing it...and a little crazy....well...it can happen!!!!!!!

    Stick to being yourself...it is a bit bumpy..but can pay off!!!!!!!!

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  3. by   TazziRN
    It's neat to have so much support!!
  4. by   dekatn
    Congratulations!!!!! Your excitement is contagious, after reading your post, I'm ready for my 12 tonight!!!
  5. by   Keepstanding
    :blushkiss CONGRATS TRIAGE !!!
    They are lucky to get you.
    Enjoy your new adventure !