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    I know this is super early, but I wanted to start a thread for anyone applying to UNF nursing (traditional BSN) Fall 2019. I'm really excited about UNF nursing program because its one of the best in Jacksonville/Florida with an amazing NCLEX pass rate (94%)!!! I am currently still in High School but getting my AA degree. I have 5/8 nursing prerequisites completed. I'm taking A&P 2 and Human nutrition this upcoming fall 2018, and then Microbiology spring 2019. I have a 3.76 prerequisite GPA (because I got one B) but if I end up getting A's in the rest then ill have a 3.86! I still need to take the TEAS and super nervous about that! Any advice?!
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    Hello and welcome, vinnd12

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    Good luck at the University of North Florida!