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  1. I am a Care Assistant in the UK. [CNA] I am NOW wondering how much longer my Nursing career is going to last. I have NO formal papers to say I am Qualifed to care, But however I have been doing care work on and off for the last 10 years. Now again I am looking for care work, But people wont take me as they say I am not experienced enough. To me this is CRAZY I have the EXPERIENCE but no paper. I personally feel that WHY should I bother to get the paper if I have the experience. I mean it is Experience in care homes that you need. You dont say to an old person wait a minute while I show you my papers so u know I am qualified to care for you. The system in the UK is crazy. Does anyone aggree, with me or am I alone in thinking that I DON'T NEED the papers.

    Answers please.
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