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  1. September 22, 1999
    All Department of Veterans Affairs Nurses
    Attention: Title 38 Nurses
    An open letter to all Department of Veterans Affairs Nurses,
    Subject:Senate Bill S.1399 H.R. 1216
    To All Department of Veterans Nurses:
    Please write or call your local representatives and encourage them to support this Bill
    As submitted by:
    Rep LaTourette, Steve C H.R. 1216 and Senator Mike DeWine S.1399
    Department of Veterans Affairs Nurses Appreciation Act of 1999 (Introduced in the House)

    To amend title 38, United States Code, to provide that pay adjustments for nurses and certain other health-care professionals employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs shall be made in the same manner as is applicable to Federal employees generally and to revise the authority for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to make further locality pay adjustments for those employees.
    This Bill would stop the Salary injustices that have taken place throughout the system
    And allow the Department to retain and recruit a quality workforce that will insure that Veterans get the best care possible.

    Thank you, Joseph Amenita
    Registered Nurse

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