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  1. I am looking to join a staffing company, I am interested in Fastaff and Sunurse LLC. Does anyone have any experience with either company?

    D. Stevens
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  3. by   ckipp
    You did not say where you are from. Many travel companies are local/regional. I have never heard of either. I have used nurses from: TravCorp, Cross Country, ATC, Medstaff, Clinical One and Olsten. These are all US firms, fairly national. I had a nurse call me with the name of a firm she had found on the internet. She was in Conneticut and the firm in California. She wanted to know if I had heard of them, or if our hospital used them. Since using travelers involves negotiating a corporate contract, most hospitals pick a handfull of firms to work with regularly.
  4. by   LindasueRN
    I am a travel nurse who enjoys to travel all over the country and have used some of the agencies listed above. I had signed up with Fastaff because they boast a higher pay scale, but found them rude over the phone and refused to have any more contact with them. If you sign up an agency, make sure you feel that they will stick by you if you have difficulties. I am currently working with Preferred Healthcare out of Florida (I'm in Virginia) and find they have gone above and beyond to make my stay a pleasant one. I have also worked with Medstaff and find them to be an awesome company to work for. My tip: sign up with a few (I've signed up with 11 at this time) to keep your options for placement plentiful. I have never heard of Sunurse so cannot give you any info about them.