Travel Nursing and Per Diem

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    I am currently going to school to become an RN. Because I will also be teaching, I will be working as a per diem nurse on Friday and Saturday nights. I would really like to be a travel nurse after I get experience in nursing. Is it possible to still work as a per diem nurse and take an 8 week assignment durring the summer when I am not teaching? Or do per diems have a certain amount of time they are allowed to not work at a hospital before being let go?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You will need at least one year of full-time nursing experieince before most facilities would consider hiring you on as a traveler, same as with agency. Not sure how you will be able to get this experience if you are teaching full-time.

    If you are in nursing school now, how are you working currently as a "per diem" nurse?