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My aunt has been a member in this room for a long time and I finally decided this is a place I want to belong to. I am Gracie O'Hara, RN and right now I'm not working but am thinking about... Read More

  1. by   Gracie O
    OK. Like I told you I haven't worked as a nurse in 4 yrs Since Ive been reading here you have got me thinking I can.

    I have 2 interviews for Monday w/ the hospital group in the next countey. One is working on a MS/Short stay floor in a float pool.
    The other is at the urgent/ambulatory care centers that are aroung the area. There are about 9 of thme.
    The hospital is about 1hr drive, but I think anywhere I go will be a drive. This rural area has no jobs unless you want to work at the gas station or a store. The satelite clinics are from 30 min to 1hr 15 drive. I didn't want to work doctores office but this way I will be there 5 days/wk with only 1 sundya and 1 saturday a month.

    Well wish me luck OK? I am scared &h!^less...can I say that? Got to take M. to school and he's still looking for his saxaphone...

  2. by   nimbex
    welcome !!! :kiss