The scare of passing LPN NCLEX

  1. Seems like there is quite the flow of NCLEX stress suddenly here! I don't know if I could help anyone, but I will tell you my plan, which worked for me.

    I studied Mon, Tues, and Wed before my test Thurs. I studied from
    the NCLEX CD, focused on rationales given for those answers, and did
    best with quiz rather than exam. The quiz section consists of 10
    questions per subject. The exam section consists of about 100
    questions per subject, causing the great brain shut down.

    The LPN boards seemed very comparitive to the ATI comprehensive that
    we took in class as a predictor, and I hated that test as well! I
    believe that the ATI comprehensive was a great indicator of how
    well we would do on boards. (Surprisingly, I received a 91 national percentile on the ATI comprehensive.) Some LPN board questions were easy
    enough, some were tricky, others were way off the wall about drugs
    that I have never heard of. There is a minimum of 75 questions and
    maximum of 201 questions (?) on the test, with a shut down of the
    test when there is a 95% accuracy of pass/fail. I was shut down
    at about 100 questions (which about put me in heart failure!),
    taking me 75-90 min for testing. I was on a horrible roller coaster
    of emotions all the way home from Boise that day. Remember, time of
    shut down does not indicate pass/fail!

    FYI- I took my test on Thurs, and was told at the center that
    results may be available online Fri, but most likely Mon (2 business
    days). I was told by a former student to check again on Sat (even
    tho it's not a week day) and my results were available. I passed

    Good luck to all of you out there
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  3. by   Pedi-ER-RN
    Congrats to you!! I was horrified when I took my LPN boards and then again 2 yrs later with my RN. I had the minimum # of questions with each. I knew I had either done well or really bad!!
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  5. by   LanaBanana
    I'm glad to hear that the ATIs helped. We have to take those. Some of them are weird with words that even my teacher has to look up though! I've made an 80% or better on all of my tests so far (Nutrition, Fundamentals, Pharm, Maternal, Mental). When I first started the class I took the ATI practice comprehensive and made a 65% on it, so that was a good start. I think I may take it again soon to see what my progress is so I can see the progression before taking it at the end of the program. I'm looking at probably being eligible to take NCLEX in late March.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from LanaBanana
    I'm looking at probably being eligible to take NCLEX in late March.
    By the way, Lana, I've always wanted to tell you that your avatar is so cute. I'm not too fond of cats, but your avatar is just darling.