The moving story???

  1. Okay..we have all had good and bad..but my favorite are the challenges we overcame! I call them the true feathers in your cap!

    What was a bad situation you will remember forever as your shining moment where you felt like..yes...I did something!

    I was a nurse for outdoor school (camp nursing for 6th grade inner city kids who went out for a nature lesson in the base of Mt. Hood for a week), and I got my first...very first 'in your face' about racism!!!!!!!

    I was the nurse and had a 14 year old Pt female...fell and hurt her knee. No biggie...palpate, ice, ibuprofen...stuff like that...but oh boy....did it get messed up!

    The gal didn't want me touching her!!!!! She called me a white B**** and no way was I going to touch her, breath on her, or anything because I was a 'cancer' on society!!!!!!

    Okay...I was in shock big time! I wanted to say "well..there's the door..don't let it knock ya"...but I didn't...challenges are my thing..

    I said.."Well...besides came for help...I will help ya...what I want you to do..if you wish is feel the left knee (uneffected). Then feel the other knee....(affected) and tell me the difference...but is what a knee should be like **in my pants because I was sure she would be offended at this point by my skin...I showed her the anatomy!***

    She did an awesome job! she described everything including cm of deviation! WHEW..then I told her the options for tx and gave her a choice!

    She left..then I took quite a time was so shocking to me..and a good lesson that I am not what EVERYONE wants to have help them (good lesson!).

    By the end of the week...not only did she hug me, write to me (after her session..and still now!!!), but is applying for health sciences and wishes to become an MD ( influence an MD if you want to be that bold GF! LOL".)...Last I heard....4 schools applied to!!!!!!!! I think she will do quite well...not to mention she became a high school helper at outdoor school 3 years, and for those in Oregon....a Princess for Rose Court!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

    I know I had a part in that....and well, she had a part in me being a great nurse, even if at the time it devistated me for a moment. She was what I needed, and I was what she needed....that is what we all wish for!
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