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I am not sure if there is any other thread similar to this one but I am just curious what is the most expensive, silly and /or least expensive gifts/ freebies you ever received from your hospital??... Read More

  1. by   madwife2002
    When I worked in the UK and we celebrated 50 years of the NHS (socialised medicine) we all recieved a cheap white mug with enscribed with "50 glorious years of the NHS'.
    Not one you would serve tea to guests with LOL
  2. by   91C_ARMYLPN
    The nicest gift that I have ever recieved was a large bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume, from a "secret" Santa, when I worked on the ICU in an Army Hospital. I never had the opportunity to thank that special Santa...but I will never forget that special gift. It was a little embarassing to open the gift in front of my co-workers since gifts were not to exceed more than five dollars.
  3. by   kokosmom
    I am a Student Nurse (LPN) with one week left to go till pinning. I used to be a secretary in various hospitals. The best gift the nurses received (I think) were warm up jackets made of snowman material with snaps down the front and over sized pockets for their stuff. The colors matched their plain scrubs. My unit manager had asked me to sew them and I made over 25 of these in one month, while working full time. I took personal time off at times and set to work making them for the staff. My manager paid me out of her pocket for my time and materials. She was the greatest manager I have had or perhaps will ever have. I had an investment in how the warm up jackets looked and everyone appreciated them very much. They asked the U.M. where she bought them and she referred them to me. It was the best gift I ever received at work, since I was able to give of myself. I no longer work there, but that is o.k., I will always remember the surprised look on their faces when the Boss gave the gifts out. They wondered why I was taking so much time off.......:spin:
  4. by   tandlsmom
    The cheapest gift I received was a small bag of seeds to plant and an eraser.
  5. by   grace90
    hmmm... let's see... In '04, '05 '06 We got a gift certificate for either a free ham or a free turkey- I always chose the turkey.

    This year we got a card in the mail offering 6 options. Many were combinations of steak cuts, or a jar of nuts or a turkey, and we could choose one option. I chose the turkey.

    The first couple years they did nothing for nurses' week. A couple of ward clerks bought the nurses' on our floor a big and yummy cake, and then made sure the leaving 3rd shifters got a piece, too. heartbeat:smiley_aa.

    Then last week they did a lot more. They had drawings with prizes, and the management came around to each floor ***including at 3 am*** and gave us soda, pizza and ice cream. From the drawing I got a coffee cup with a lid with the logo, chapstick with their logo which is the best I've used, scissors, a pen :spin: and a handheld massager (no, not the vibrating kind, it was plastic shaped kind of like a spider).
  6. by   suanna
    You mean other than our last pay raise?
  7. by   rnparrot
    i have received a coin purse with a logo for nurses week, a lunch bag with logo for nurses week. this was at a hospital i worked at. i don't recall being given any type of christmas gift/bonus. i am working LTC now, and last year we got a very nice catered luncheon, the residents donate money for the holiday gift fund, so we got a bonus check from the residents and we also got a 20 dollar gift card to a super market. it is going to be very interesting what we get this year. we recently had a change in management and it has been U-G-L-Y! the administrator isn't even a nurse, so she has NOOO clue what goes on in patient care, the floors etc. our DON used to be a floor nurse and she has forgotten where she came from so fast. in addition, we had a big fire at our place and the entire kitchen burned down. so i know we are having a lunch and we will be given the bonus checks, but other than that is yet to be seen. DH who works for the largest telecommunications company...gets NOTHING!! they will bring in food but everyone has to pay a small amount to eat the food!!!! how cheap!!
  8. by   RNgonewild
    One year we got a fleece cut off, one year a scrub top, both with hospital label, I really liked those. This year we all got a $10 Starbucks card for nurses week. The RNs only! The LVN who has been there over 30 years almost stroked! The managers then gave her a card too, but it came too late. For Christmas several years in a row we got those little plastic covered day planners, the size of a check book, mine gets tossed. Sometimes we get a freaky pin. For 5, 10, 15, 20,25 years etc they have a nice party. We used to get pins for 1, 5, 10, 15 years, those are gone now. At 20+ years, every 5 you get to pick a gift out of a catalog, worth about $150, I got a convection over/broiler, got over 4 years till the next gift. And after 25 years of service, free lunch every day, but rumor is they are going to cut that out too, which pisses me off, cause I only got 4 years to go! Well they say there is no such thing as a free lunch!
  9. by   purple_rose_3
    Best gifts have been a bag with hospital logo on it that is for a laptop (I don't have a laptop though!) and a $20 gift card to HyVee that was put on our paychecks to be taxed!
  10. by   karleb
    Quote from ShayRN
    The worst was last year, my boss wrote on the dry erase board, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Now THAT'S cheap!!!:icon_wink:
  11. by   Quickbeam
    Cheapest gift I ever got was a 3" square piece of green paper telling me I was entitled to a FREE cup of ice cream at the gift & snack shoppe. I worked 8 hour nights and the "shoppe" was open 11 AM to 4 PM!

    Top of the season to ya!
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  12. by   Ashera
    a very stupid sucky ink pin with a ping-pong ball face on a spring on top - with orange fake fur strands of hair - hospital logo - stuck in a suction cup base so it would stand up straight - with blue ink!
    who would think that was a neat gift??
  13. by   Dental Hygienist
    Quote from purple_rose_3
    Best gifts have been a bag with hospital logo on it that is for a laptop (I don't have a laptop though!) and a $20 gift card to HyVee that was put on our paychecks to be taxed!
    I think that takes the cake...sure they spent the $20....but trying to TAX you on it? Cheapest thing ever. Totally negates the point of the gift. I'd be mean that gift is actually going to COST me money? And, what if the giftcard is to someplace that you don't even like? I don't care if it only reduced my paycheck by a dollar, I would be SOOO pissed if that happened to me!

    As far as christmas bonuses go: When I worked at Starbucks I got a $3 starbucks card once...really THREE dollars? You couldn't round that up to FIVE whole dollars, huh? I got $10 cash from a mom and pop pizza place that I worked at; $10 giftcard working at a ski resort and free donuts and coffee for working christmas day doing hotel housekeeping. (plus time and a half....woo hoo $9 an hour!!)

    I've been pretty lucky so far working in dentistry. I've gotten from $200-300 CASH bonus each christmas as well as little cash and non-cash gifts throughout the year. A cake and card on your birthday paid for by the boss. A nice christmas dinner at a posh resturaunt spouses included. Once he sent us all to a day spa and we got massages, manicures and pedicures! (THAT was the best!) If we reach the financial goals for the year we get trips; He took us to Mexico for 4 days last year and we got $500 spending cash each! He took us to FLorida for CE courses once; but that was sort of like "working" too....still I'm not complainin! That will be one thing I definitely miss when I make the change from dentistry to nursing...