Tetanus shots

  1. My husband got a tetanus shot in the butt today. Am I crazy or isn't that contraindicated? At least when I worked in a doctors' office it was. I was told it was too irritating to be given near the sciatic nerve and should only be given in the arm.

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  3. by   kids
    I don't recall there being a contrandication to giving tetanus in the behind.
    Are you sure it the vaccine and not the immunioglobulin? TIG should be given in a big muscle.
  4. by   IamRN
    Hmmm....I don't usually work ER, but have floated there. As I did Yesterday. I had a patient w/a dog bite that required a tetanus inaculation. Not having given one before I asked about the correct site. I was told the hip was the best place for it.
  5. by   EndoRN
    Thanks guys. That makes me feel better. Maybe I was thinking about the immunoglobulin. It's been so long.
    Anyway, good to know DH won't be paralyzed. LOL