Tennessee facilities

  1. I am thinking of relocating to some part of Tennessee (am not sure where yet)and was looking for some insight into good facilities there. I have experience in LTC, Med/Surg, ER, Orthopedics, and Neurology. Any info would be appreciated.
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  3. by   cpkranky
    HI..I am from Tennessee..chattanooga in fact. I am now a traveling nurse. Have you thought of traveling? no..then chattanooga is beautifull..lots of mountains,lakes,history,and lots to do..there are several hospitals in chattanooga. level 1 and level 2 centers..Memoral Hosptial is a catholic hospital,Sisters of charity. Erlanger Hospital is a level one trauma center..they need nurses badly..I personally wouldnt work there,they have had problems in the past but from what i hear lately they are improving..Also there is a web sit you can visit to see jobs posted..www.chattanoogahasjobs.com..if you want to email me I would be glad to share any further information I have..good luck