Telecommuting Positions

  1. does anyone know what the most popular companies are for telecommuting or work at home positions in medical reviews or cm, ur? i know united healthcare, cigna, and aetna offer positions at times but are there others you can think of or have experience with?

    thanks! :spin:
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  3. by   santhony44
    I have seen Humana advertise for this type of position. They require a home office setup.
  4. by   seanymph
    Where do you see these advertised? What kind of home office set-up would they require?
  5. by   floridaRN13
    I am also looking for a telecommuting position. I have 16 years of call center/customer service training experience from my pre-nursing days and now about 5 years of hospital RN experience. I would like to find a position that would be portable, as I do quite a bit of travelling, and don't wish to change jobs each time I go back and forth. Travel nursing doesn't seem like a viable solution, so I am very interested in telecommuting. Anyone know of a company that uses telephone triage nurses, and doesn't require that you work in a call center? Thanks!