Survey time!!

  1. Be honest and try not to read other peoples answers until you have replied.

    1. What type of program did you com out of? (ADN, BSN etc.)
    2. What is your current Nursing Title/Job? (floor nurse, L&D etc.)
    2. What type of program did your direct supervisor come out of?
    3. What type of program do you think your supervisor should come out of?
    4. If you had it to do all over again and you could attend any type of program to ecome a nurse what type of program would you attend
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  3. by   wildcat
    You know as soon as I submitted this topic I realized I had not fixed the numbering. Please, just give your answers 1,2,3,4,&5. Sorry everyone.
  4. by   Kel Cardaras
    1. ADN initially, then went back to college for my BSN.
    2. ICU/CCU Charge Nurse
    3. ADN
    4. BSN or MSN
    5. I'd do it the same way. I felt better prepared for my BSN program by having a couple years of clinical experience as an RN. Truthfully, I couldn't afford a BSN program without the ADN first.
  5. by   bluesboyj
    1. ADN
    2. critical care staff nurse
    3. don't know
    4. ADN
    5. ADN

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  6. by   Linda, CCRN
    1. BSN
    2. Critical care staff nurse
    3. MSN, Clinical specialist critical care
    4. MSN, Clinical specialist critical care
    5. BSN
  7. by   nsgsup
    1. diploma
    2. afternoon shift nursing supervisor
    3. MSN
    4. MSN
    5. diploma
  8. by   jen622
    1.adn,2.supervisor, floor nurse 3.adn 4.doesn't matter it's the personality not the degree 5.I would have went for a year and became an lpn because it took me four years to get my adn. Agency lpns make 18.00 per hour, the same as the hospital pays rn's. Lpns have less responsibility when it comes to IV's, doctor calls etc.

  9. by   MollyJ
    1. diploma
    2. Substance Abuse Preventin in a school setting
    3. Non nursing/BA
    4. Though individual nurses are exceptional exceptions, I believe that BSN at a minimum in health care settings will provide nurses with nursing knowledge and the "weight and credibility" to advocate for nursing and patient care while being able to talk the language of business.
    5. My diploma program was quite credible at doing what it set out to do (provide competent bedside nurses for the community it served) but it is not a credential compatible with easily walking in to the future. While I believe I benefited from from being a diploma nurse who obtained a BSN (and then a MSN) this is not a credible or ethical way to bring people in to a profession (We'll let you "in", but only as a second class citizen.) Look at the dissension entry into practice brings to profession and look at the angst expressed and ENERGY WASTED on this issue. Given the same choice I would choose the most clinically strong BSN program I could find.
  10. by   Deborah Naccarini
    1. Diploma
    2. Family Nurse Practitioner in Pedi GI and Family practice.
    3. MS in Nursing Administration
    4. Same
    5. diploma - provided the best prep for bedside nursing. However, I would proceed directly to a BSN program instead of waiting the 6 years it took me to go back to school. But now, several years later, with the changes in nursing - I believe the BSN to be the minimum for entry level into nursing.
  11. by   sparrow
    1. Hosptial Based Diploma
    2. Director of Infection Control/Employee Health
    3. ADN
    4. There is not much that woman doesn't know, so a piece of paper is not what makes her!
    5. I still would have done the hospital/diploma school. I came right out of school and ran a nursing floor!
  12. by   CardiacRN
    1. BSN
    2. RN--CICU
    3. master's
    4. master's
    5. BSN
  13. by   3651bht
    1. LPN 17 years BSN for 2 1/2 years Apprenticeship anyone?????
    2.Full-time (3 12 0700-1900) Part-time two eights hemodialysis . Also Tom B if you're interested I'm 48 and on the internet.
    3 Diploma not ADN You know there years of direct nursing care and supervision. the dinosaurs of nursing. Sort of like our state motto Nursing the way it should be.
    4 She could have been the chief clinical instructor for any program bar none
    5 The school of bedside nursing.

  14. by   debrasueb
    1. ADN
    2. CCTN / Flight RN/ Work registry ER/ ICU in my spare time. Worked steady for 10 yrs in critical care before going into flight nursing. Doing critical care ground transport currently d/t my family needs me at home.
    3. ADN
    4. I knew this would be here ... it depends. BSN looks to becoming the standard at some point but they were telling me that in 1976 when I graduated from HS. I can't fathom how they are going to force this issue unless they get rid of all the ADN programs which I think will make the nursing shortage worse at this point and time.... I work in CA so I can tell you the shortage is getting worse here.
    5. Nope wouldn't change a thing. Our program was NLN accredited. The Director of the program had a MSN. I chose a ADN program over the the BSN programs offered in my town of Wichita, KS. The resons for the choice were RN board pass rates ... ADN program I went to 99% passed, BSN programs I decided against had 75% or less pass rate. I also had worked for 7 yrs in a 750 bed hospital as a Nursing Assistant. I felt the ADN nurses came out of their program better prepared at the time. My program was a 1+1 progrm. I took the practicum in the summer after my first year and sat LVN boards so I could get a feel for taking boards. I passed and worked the last 8 months I was in nursing school as a charge nurse at a 96 bed LTC facility. I wouldn't trade my experience. As for getting my BSN next year my daughter will start college at the JC down the street to get her ADN .... she plans to transfer to a BSN program after getting her degree at the JC so she can work in the field of nursing and still get her degree. She will be 20 when she starts her BSN program in the fall of 2002 ... guess what my plans are??? To work on mine at the same time. Its all in the family.... hahaha. My oldest son is talking about going to nursing school who knows. Later Debs