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  1. Hi, I'm a RN student.

    My nursing program director and I were talking about the hits some of my classmates have taken recently causing them to drop out. Several of our instructors are also under some serious stress. All for a variety of reasons.

    Anyway we were wondering about the idea of a support group for nurses. Does anyone know of anybody doing this? Can someone refer me to a model? I don't know that the AA 12 step thing is exactly appropriate.

    Perhaps it wouldn't be just nurses but all human services personal. I don't know.
    This board is nice, but I'm thinking of face to face, group meeting, relationship building kind of thing.

    I don't want to go off half-assed with this. I know there must be more than just doing a PR job and announcing it.
    Anyone have any ideas on where I can start to look?
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    you can start right is what we do best