Student Loans

  1. Anyone receive student loans while in an ADN program?? If so, is there an average or maximum amount considering it is a jr. college?
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    I dont know about ADN loans, or Jr Colleges, but your financial aid office should know the answers all of these I "think" it varies in Jr Colleges by the district a student lives in. I'm not sure though. I would check with your J-C financial aid office for positive results

    Good luck!
  4. by   ratchit
    ADN is not the same thing as junior college. Trust me- my program was VERY competetive and had higher board pass rates and new grad hire rates (back in the days of too many nurses- LOL) than some big name BSN programs.

    There's a max you can borrow per semester of school. Again, trust me, you can indeed borrow a large amount of money for an ADN program.