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  1. Hi,

    I haven't posted here for quite some time. I'm to busy trying to make it out of nursing school. (Grad, RN, May '02). Anyway, a current project we (I) have is yet another paper.

    I am 'modestly' going to describe how a redesigned health care system, that allows for regular assessment, which allows for early interventions, hence lower costs and morbidity, would function. (I am to do this in 6 to 10 pages, Ha!)

    Technology plays a role, as does a 'co-op' model of service provision. Also critical to my vision, is the concept of a 'professional practice of nursing', just like doctors, lawyers and plumbers.

    Somewhere on this site, and once upon a time, I read a notice by a nurse who, with other nurse partners, has just such a professional practice, and has a web site describing it.

    If anyone remembers who he or she is, or what the link is, I would most grateful.

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