Striking nurses in Michigan

  1. I just wanted to send a message to all the nurses in Lapeer, Michigan wishing you much luck on your contract negotiation. I truly hope your strike is successful, and bravo for standing up in the name of patient safety. You all have made a sacrifice to bring our cause to the eye of your public, tha cause being that we want enough staff to provide quality, cost-effective care to our patient population.
    I would also like to say that I read an article in the Flint Journal in reference to your cause. Two things in particular stood out. First, the fact that the administrators at the hospital in Lapeer view raising your salary by 12% to 16% over time, to bring you to equal pay with other area nurses, as laughable. I hope that you get your salary increase. The second thing that I noticed was the mention of Bay City and Detroit hospitals are experiencing layoffs and salary decreases. However, they fail to mention the number of NURSES being laid off. If one were to peruse the Bay City Times, one would notice that Bay City has been actively recruiting Registered Nurses. And as for salary cuts, none have been mentioned at the Bay City hospital to my knowledge.
    So good luck and stick to your guns! For you and all of us in a negotiation year...and for our patients!
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