Staffing Patterns

  1. Could anyone help me figure staffing patterns for: 34 bed tele unit, 6 night nurses, 3 cna's , 6 new grads...cannot overwhelm the new grads but i am not wanting to cremate the fulltime staff either. We only have 3 full tme night shift preceptors that are spread over 7 nights. Administration is asking us to have the new grads completely oriented by October 21st...they have been in what is called at our facility "internship" since they were hired (this is supposed to be a time for them to just "shadow" us on the various units...) Administration has no idea what we are to do with them with staffing being as poor as it is... and of course we don't want to scare them away with the sometimes mind boggling amount of duties that MUST be done every shift. Any ideas that have worked for you ???
    Thank you ahead of time...
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