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  1. Those of you that are in the acute care hospital setting please help me with your staffing ideas. How are your units scheduled? Presently we have some people working 8,12, and 16 hour shifts at random. Charge nurses only work M-F. And some people work every weekend. Also what are your policies regarding hours worked for prn people? Ours are required to work 2x/month to include one holiday a year and weekends. The problem is weekends!! There is no set amount of weekends, so 99% of prn people do not work any, which is a very big dissatifier for the full time people. They feel like they work around prn peoples schedules
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  3. by   jen622
    You have to offer some incentive for weekends. I only work weekends, 16 hour shifts, but they pay us for 40 hours to keep the weekend staffing up. So we have a whole weekend only staff. If you call off you lose that extra 8 hours of pay so that prevents a lot of people from calling off.

  4. by   Miss RNC
    We used to have that but they did away with it How often do you get a weekend off?
  5. by   bluesboyj
    Where I work most people do 12 hr. shifts and some do combos of 4, 8, & 12 hr. We are required to work 1 Sunday and 3 weekend days every 4 weeks so we get 2 out of 4 full weekends off. I'd work only weekends for 40 hr. pay. The majority of hospitals stopped this a long time ago and haven't re-started it.

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  6. by   RSartor
    I am the secretary to the Vice President of Nursing and all of your nursing units (except OB) work 8 hour shifts. All Nurses (RN and LPN) are required to work every other weekend and everyother holiday. There are no exceptions unless you can get someone to work for you. We do not have any incentives for weekends but we did for overtime for a while when we were short staffed. This policy applies to Part time and Full time. I am not sure what the policy for prn is. Our OB department just changed to 12 hour shifts. I'm pretty sure they are staying with everyother weekend and holiday.
  7. by   Christie H.
    I am on a busy med surg floor in Ala..We require our PRN people to work one weekend a month. They can work 2 Sat. or 2 Sun. or a sat and Sun., but must work one weekend. They have to let the manager know by the 5th of the current month which days they will work the next month.We have been doing this for about 5 years and it does help with our weekends.
  8. by   jen622
    Ms. RNC---I get 4 personal days per year and 80 hours of vacation, but if I really need a weekend off I can trade with someone myself and work for them during the week.
  9. by   Shell
    In my hospital the required hours depend on the floor and the nurse manager. As far as the prn staff, we have 3 different flex pools.
    1. regular flex: required to work 16 hrs of weekend time each month. Any shift, any combo. One summer holiday, one winter holiday.
    2.Superflex: required to work Eve. or Nights. Every third weekend, every third holiday.
    3. Weekend flex: Definate monetary incentive to be required to work Eve. or night 24hours every other weekend. Only work the holidays that fall on your weekend.