Spanish tapes/cd's?

  1. Hi all - I'd like to find a good set of medical professional Spanish tapes/CD's to listen to on my commute. I have 4 semesters of college Spanish but that was 13 years ago. I just need something as a quick refresher which then focuses on medical terminology.

    I've checked but there are dozens of options. Does anyone have a recommendation for a particular set?

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  3. by   agent
    I would also be interested. I hope someone has some advice
  4. by   KayNICUchsd
    Me too! What a great idea!!!
  5. by   cometothecradle
    you could try your local library, alot of time they have tapes an they are freeof all different languages, if you like them then you could buy them
  6. by   Monica RN,BSN
    There are Spanish Videos about CPR at