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How does anyone else handle this? I have a husband and three kids. Two of the kids are older teens, the baby is 2.5. Baby is sick right now and is one of those who pukes whenever she gets sick with... Read More

  1. by   TazziRN
    Quote from ktwlpn
    If dad refuses to help I think he'd find a paper plate full of it on the seat of his favorite chair...

    She's much better today, she's eaten a little and kept it down, and she's more playful. Crisis over!
  2. by   SaraO'Hara
    Gosh, I agree! I haven't even certified as a CNA yet (though have been a medical nerd for years), and my family / friends ask me all kinds of questions... "Can I get Hep C from possibly eating a drop of infected blood?"
    "I have x, y, z symptoms; is it appendicitis?" (turned out to be over-eating)
    "Does your niece look like she has eczema? What should I do about her rash?"

    In answer:

    1. Ask your doctor.
    2. If you don't feel better this evening, call your doctor / visit the ER.
    3. Have some A and D cream. Oh, and call the paediatrician...
  3. by   gauge14iv
    I was a mom before I became a nurse, and honestly it was the same way for me!
  4. by   kaitsmama
    Quote from mtnmom
    But what of the family members who call for medical advice? Surely I am not the only ones who has that happen!
    Nope, you most certainly are not the only one! In fact, when I saw the tag line on this thread I was certain that was what this pertained to...

    I still have one academic year left in nursing school and I already am expected to field these questions from my family. I told my sister that if she wanted to call and ask my opinion as her sister, fine, but once she started asking specifics about medical care my answer would be ask your doctor.

    She still calls and asks questions, but they are more along the lines of would you go in for this set of symptoms. Much better in my book as I was fielding those questions prior to starting the RN program.