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  1. My facility is changing to SOAP charting after using narrative charting for at least 10 years. I have done an inservice on the basics but the staff is very anxious (as to be expected with this major change). Any suggestions to help make this change go smoothly?
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  3. by   Honey
    I am not sure what SOAP charting is, but I am assuming it is focussed charting and/or problem based charting - if it is, believe me, it saves so much time and allows you to spend time doing other things during your busy day. For smooth transmission, simply think of the things/areas that are not within normal range and chart those. If narrative charting has been done for 10 years, don't expect a fast change.
  4. by   Heather27
    Hi DottieAnn
    ANY transition is difficult, especially when trying to change something so well established. You will undoubtedly encounter the whole "What was wrong with the way we were doing it before?" query, as your facility is so large etc. Our facility is computerizing right now, which means MAJOR change to EVERYTHING! We find that the best way to deal with it all is to have support available (i.e. someone on shift who knows what they are doing and will be available for questions...) and to have things written out as a guideline or example! I think people subconsciously think there was something "wrong" with the way they were doing things before, and it needed to change. If you get them to see that it is not necessarily "more right', but rather more efficient, accurate, concise, continuous..etc. they might have an easier time! Patience is good too..change doesn't happen overnight!!
    Good Luck!!
  5. by   barton
    I have worked in agency nursing as well as in full time positions. Needless to say, I have encountered different policies/procedures and charting methods along the way. For most of my career I had used narrative charting, and even though we touched on SOAP charting in school, the first time I had to use it, I was afraid that I might forget to chart something. Believe me, I am one of those people who view most change with respect and great FEAR! After using SOAP/SOAPE charting just a few times, I realized that I was charting information identical to the narrative, but in a much more efficient way. (I hope we are speaking of the same format: S=Subjective-what the pt. said, O=Objective findings--similar to narrative, A=Assessment, P=Plan, and E=Evaluation.) The only things I saw missing were the "Oh-Too-Numerous" entries of date, time, note and signature. I also think that SOAP charting makes for much easier and coherent reading for all personnel than the multiple entries we make in the narrative form. Hope this helps!! Please let me know.

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