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  1. Not sure where my love for nursing came from but my mother did her nurse training with the QARNC (UK Army) but didn't take her finals and my father was a medic in the RAMC (UK Army).

    When I left school and looked to go to college I had a choice of pre Nursing or Cooking and guess nursing won. Once I completed pre nursing and applied to one of the hospitals for nurse training after going through a days process I was informed I would never make a nurse which to be honest deflated me and gave me doubts.

    In time I joined the Territorial Army as a medic (Part time) and with time and encouragement from a few of the officers who where nurse tutors I applied to do my Enrolled nurse training which commenced 1986 and completed 1988 where I was lucky to be employed by the same hospital who trained me on a medical ward. Worked for years on night duty which was great especially for gaining experience.

    In 1997 I did a conversion course (bridge program) to RN and qualified in 1998. Moved a round to a couple of hospitals and promotion where in 2002 I met my now husband and started working in a General Practitioner surgery (similar to primary care physician) working mon-fri 8-4 which in time went down to tue-fri 8-4. In 2003 we decided to look at the US and applied via a recruiter to a hospital in Phoenix and 2004 took NCLEX and passed we also got married at my friends house in Buffalo NY returned home and surprised everyone as only told family we was getting married. In 2005 the hospital backed out and had to find another one which caused some delays and beginning of 2006 husband changed his mind after all delays but in Aug 2006 changed his mind back and we restarted the process but got caught up in retrogression.

    Currently taking a career break as we have had to move over 300 miles due to husband getting a contract job which next month changes to a permanent job with options to work in both Canada and the US, so have a few changes at the moment.

    Whilst not working have developed a new hobby of sewing and spending time with my 3 dogs and also some study time
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