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  1. I'm an RN working on my BSN and need some help with a class I am taking. Does anyone have ideas for writing a policy on sick time? Does anyone have some good ideas that your place of employment does to keep the staff from calling in sick or horror threats to keep nurses from calling in sick??? Let me know I'm anxious to hear from you!!!!!!
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  3. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    I have a city job as a CNA, and we, if we don't use our sick time, or don't use it all, get bonuses at the end of the year. $400.00 for no sick days, $350.00 for 1 etc. Plus we can build up our sick days and not lose them, up to 6 months I believe. One woman I work with had a mild heart attack and she got FULL pay, while she was out, because she had built up sick time.
    I think extra bonuses are a good incentive