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  1. It is really sad that people come to work sick. Whereas where I work, if we work, we don't get paid for sick days unless we are sick. We get 3 sick days a year. Everyone manages to use those sick days, even if they're not sick. I think it is better to know when you're going to be short than to get a call that morning, telling you that so & so isn't coming in today. Another office where I had an interview, you get 3 sick and 3 personal days per year. If you don't use the days, you get a nice check at the end of the year. It encourages you to work and not miss. I can see good points for this.
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  3. by   lindainl&d
    The nurses at our facility are trying to change our sick leave policy as the present one encourages people to come to work sick. This affects patient care as well as infects co-workers. It is very restrictive and needs change. We would appreciate any input as to what the sick-leave policy is at your facility. Thanks.
  4. by   MercyAngels
    The hospital where I work also has a lousy sick leave policy! You can't use your "sick time" until you've missed work for 3 days...and then you have to have a doctor's note. (Feels like school!) Allegations of changes have been made, but like they say..."promises, promises"! It really is concerning when nurses are coming in to work against their better judgment simply to avoid accruing occurrences!
  5. by   RDJ R.N.
    One of the few good things about where I work is that we have PTO time. This is used for vacations, Sick days, or if you just want a couple of extra days off( say a four day weekend My Favorite) Depending on the amount of time you have worked there is how much time you accrue per pay period. Mine works out to 7.25 hours per two week pay period. Which adds up very quickly. To keep people from abusing this and calling in frequently. apolicy has been recently put into place that you can only have 4 occurences of calling in sick per 8 months. But with the ability to schedule a few mini vacations during the year the hospital is finding that the occuremces of calling in sick has been drastically reduced.
  6. by   jkh
    The facility I work in has PTO similar to that of RDJR.N. It is used for sick days, vacations and holiday pay. We also have a limit on the number of occurences in a 6mo time frame. But if you are able to find your own replacement the abscence does not count against you! And sometimes you can find someone.
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    our hospital also has pto time which can accumlate quickly. we have a max on the number of hours we can accumulate and also have a buy back policy in which the hospital will pay 75% of your salary if you want them to buy back some of your pto time. if we use pto on a weekend we are scheduled to work we have to make that weekend up by working the next weekend.(it's mandatory that we work every other weekend)goodluck in revising your sick leave policy!