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Once again the hospital is on a tear to cut down the "bodies" on the floor, mostly with the nurse assistants. We have some really good nurse assistants who work hard, care about the patients, take... Read More

  1. by   zofran
    It's so interesting that you guys are posting about this..........Tomorrow, our new staffing grid goes into effect. The CNAs will have 10 pt each.

    I work in a hospital on a busy med surge/ONCOLOGY floor----it has been one RN with our cna partner with 5-6 pts. This ratio has been hard enough. We have really sick cancer pts......many are complete care, some are dying, most are very anxious, and ALL of them deserve more time and attention we can give.

    Now due to "BUDGET" problems, the RNs will have 5 pts and the poor CNA's will have 10 pts. I just don't see how this is going to work. Our pt satisfaction scores are dropping already. We are told "NO OVERTIME." Management is making us do hourly rounding. RNs have massive amts of new documentation to complete.

    I feel like the pts are going to reallly suffer. As it is now, I have trouble completing my own work safely. Now, I am going to have to do much of the CNA work as they will be stretched so thin. I am so discouraged and worried.

    Management wants us to do extra things for the pts and they will be lucky to even stay alive.

    Like today, when I was getting report, my cna partner was taking vitals on our 5 pts. When she got to the last pt she called me into the room STAT. This pt had Cerebral palsy and had fractured his c spine and was in a large chest/neck brace. She found him on the floor, call light no where in sight, can't move, SpO2 80%. Apparently he was trying to get up to void in urinal and fell. I can't imagine if he was her 10th pt....this poor guy could have been stuck there for god knows how much longer.

    Sorry for the vent but just makes no sense to take away the CNAs. I am going to start looking for another job. (sorry about any spelling errors, its been a long day)
  2. by   Riseupandnurse
    We used to have a department director of nursing who was studying to get her MBA. She explained to me that the staffing is done with FTEs, Full Time Equivalents. When reductions are called for, the FTEs are what is reduced. It doesn't matter if the person filling a FTE hole is a CNA, an LPN, an RN, or a Doctor of Nursing Practice. I asked her, as someone who was learning how to mind the bottom line, if that made any sense. She said that no, it really didn't, that she agreed with me that the point was really how much money was spent, but nobody cared to look at it that way, it was all FTEs because that is what they were used to. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  3. by   greeniebean
    I usually have 12-15 patients as a CNA. I try not to complain though because the nurse has all 40+ on the hall! If everyone works together things go smoother but at $7.00 pay for the CNA's and $14.00 for the LPNs it's really hard to keep good workers at my faciltiy. if I wasn't going to nursing school I wouldn't work there. (I work baylor shifts so I only have to work 2 days a week, and I think that will be good when I start nursing school. It's the only facility near me that does it.)

    Let me give Kuddos to all you nurses who not only appreciate your CNAs but also to all of you who have outrageous patient loads. I know nursing is a thankless job but I think you guys are awesome!!