1. Would like to know if anyone uses 36 hour work week?.

    Second in your opinion (We are Rural) what is the best shift arrangement for a small 50 bed hospital?

    Thank you


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  3. by   Genista
    Did you say 36 hour shifts??!! Or was that (I HOPE)a typo...
  4. by   mcrow
    Well, I have had plenty of 8 hour shifts make me feel like I worked 36!
    Were you maybe referring to 36 hours in a week maybe?
  5. by   OB4ME
    Hmmm...36 hour shifts in a small rural hospital? Similar to what they do to resident MDs in large, teaching hospitals. But in your case, who's there to wake you up when you fall asleep charting, because you're so exhausted??? Tell us you goofed!

    12 hour shifts for 36 hours per week-I vote for that as the best shift schedule...but that is covered on another post...